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Robotics Journal Club

Contact: Daniela Rus or Paulina Varshavskaya

Mailing List: robotics-journal-club at csail dot mit dot edu                           subscribe

Fall 2006: we're meeting on alternate Fridays shortly after 12 noon in room 32-397


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Friday, October 20 - Compressed Sensing  

 Marco Duarte, Michael Wakin, Dror Baron and Richard Baraniuk. Universal Distributed Sensing via Random Projections. Proc. International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks - IPSN, Nashville, TN, April 2006 [ pdf ]
 Emmanuel Candès and Justin Romberg, Practical Signal Recovery from Random Projections (preprint, 2005) [ pdf ]

Presenter: Srujan Linga 

Friday, November 3 - Actuator technologies and Impedance control  

  Gill Andrews Pratt. Low impedance walking robots. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 2002 [ pdf ]

Skim/optional reading:

  John M. Hollerbach, Ian W. Hunter, John Ballantyne. A Comparative Analysis of Actuator Technologies for Robotics. Robotics Review 2, 1992 [ pdf ]
  Dale A. Lawrence. Actuator Limitations on Achievable Manipulator Impedance. ICRA 1989 [ pdf ]

Presenter: Marty Vona  

Friday, November 17 - Design of a Programmable Matter System  

Ara Knaian will describe his work toward the design of a programmable matter system. The nodes are designed using the "Paintable Computing" architecture; hardware design considerations for this architecture are described in :

 Knaian, A., Greenspan, D., Butera, W., Jacobson, J., Gershenfeld, N., "Technology Evaluation for Paintable Computing and Paintable Displays," U.S. Army Natick Technical Report/TR-06/012, April 2006 [ offsite pdf ]

(long document, reading the summary is recommended)

Presenter: Ara Knaian  

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