Package shady.common

The Shady window shade robot project common code.


Interface Summary
DoubleFormatter An interface for a class that formats double values.
EnvironmentListener Interface for listeners to the Environment.
ShadyCommonAPI Shady API subset that is shared between the simulator and the hardware.

Class Summary
AbstractSegment An abstract 2D line segment.
Environment An environment in which Shady can play.
Point A 2D point.
Point.Cartesian A mutable point in a 2D Cartesian plane.
Point.OnSegment A mutable point on a Segment.
Segment A 2D finite closed segment with a distinguished start and end.
ShadyAccountingInfo A representation of the accounting info for the mechanism.
ShadyCommon Shady common implementation.
ShadyPose A mechanism pose in an Environment.
ShadyState A representation of the intrinsic state of the mechanism.

Package shady.common Description

The Shady window shade robot project common code.