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Uses of Operation in shady.common.op

Subclasses of Operation in shady.common.op
 class BarrelOperation
          A Shady barrel Operation.
 class BoundOperation
          A Shady Operation bound to a Shady instance.
 class CloseGripper
          A Shady ShadyCommonAPI.closeGripper(int, Point.OnSegment) Operation.
 class GripperOperation
          A Shady gripper Operation.
 class OpenGripper
          A Shady ShadyCommonAPI.openGripper(int) Operation.
 class Reset
          A Shady ShadyCommonAPI.reset() Operation.
 class RotateBarrel
          A Shady ShadyCommonAPI.rotateBarrel(int, double) Operation.
 class RotateBarrelTo
          A Shady absolute ShadyCommonAPI.rotateBarrel(int, double) Operation.
 class Stop
          A Shady ShadyCommonAPI.stop(boolean) Operation.

Uses of Operation in shady.sim.op

Subclasses of Operation in shady.sim.op
 class ChargeBattery
          A Shady ShadySimAPI.chargeBattery(double) Operation.
 class RechargeBattery
          A Shady ShadySimAPI.rechargeBattery() Operation.
 class SetDiscrete
          A Shady ShadySimAPI.setDiscreteMode(boolean) Operation.