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Packages that use AbstractSegment
shady.common The Shady window shade robot project common code. 

Uses of AbstractSegment in shady.common

Subclasses of AbstractSegment in shady.common
 class Segment
          A 2D finite closed segment with a distinguished start and end.

Fields in shady.common declared as AbstractSegment
protected  AbstractSegment ShadyCommon.bodySegment
          Cached body segment.
protected  AbstractSegment ShadyPose.bodySegmentCC
          Cached body segment for ShadyPose.getBodySegment(), consed on demand.
 AbstractSegment Point.OnSegment.segment
          The Segment, not null.

Methods in shady.common that return AbstractSegment
 AbstractSegment ShadyPose.getBodySegment()
          Covers ShadyPose.getBodySegment(double), uses ShadyCommon.CC.
 AbstractSegment ShadyPose.getBodySegment(double l)
          Get a body AbstractSegment which tracks this pose.

Methods in shady.common with parameters of type AbstractSegment
 Point.OnSegment Point.OnSegment.set(AbstractSegment segment, double where)
          Set segment and where one shot.

Constructors in shady.common with parameters of type AbstractSegment
Point.OnSegment(AbstractSegment segment, double where)
          Make a new point on a Segment.

Uses of AbstractSegment in shady.common.multi

Subclasses of AbstractSegment in shady.common.multi
 class MultiSegment
          A Segment for MultiShady.