Notions & Notations of the Semantic Web

6.898 Fall Seminar Course



Wilson conjectured a now famous result in number theory but was unable to prove his conjecture. He thereupon remarked that perhaps an entirely new notation for number theory would be needed to prove the conjecture. When Gauss heard about the affair, he proved the conjecture in a few minutes by a very simple argument, and acidly remarked 'what he [Wilson] needed was a notion, not a notation.'

Gauss, [Johann] Karl Friedrich ["Prince of Mathematics"] (1777-1855)
German mathematician

This is a reading seminar that will prepare students to do graduate-level research on the applications and control of automated reasoning on the World Wide Web. Special attention will be paid to "policy awareness" -- controlling the use of online resources through rule-based policy management systems that can be deployed in the open and distributed milieu of the Web.

Topics include Web architecture; markup languages and Semantic Web infrastructure; automated reasoning, backtracking, and truth maintenance; and policy management, representation, and enforcement.

Thursdays 11.00am - 12.30pm Room : 32-G397

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Reading List


Date Topic Instructor Reading Assignment
9/8/05 Introductions
Web Architecture
Architecture of the World Wide Web
9/15/05 Introduction to Logic Gerry Sussman Review of Logic and Rules
The system P-ND
9/22/05 Use cases K. Krasnow Waterman Slides
9/29/05 Semantic Web Tutorial Sandro Hawke Getting into RDF & Semantic Web using N3
10/6/05 AMORD and truth maintenance Gerry Sussman & Chris Hanson Chris's material
10/13/05 Discussion on TAMI goals
10/20/05 The Semantic Web as a language of logic Dan Connolly
10/27/05 Proof Markup Language Deborah McGuinness
Presentation (ppt)
11/3/05 Hypothetical Use Case K. Krasnow Waterman
Chris Hanson
K's slides (pdf)
11/10/05 Discussion on the hypothetical use case
11/17/05 Example Chris Hanson
12/1/05 No Class
12/8/05 Use Case K. Krasnow Waterman
Class has ended

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