The Carbon research group is focused on research related to multicore architectures and software. We are a part of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT.

Graphite Multicore Simulator

Graphite is an open-source, distributed parallel simulator for multicore architectures. Graphite is designed from the ground up for exploration of future multicore processors containing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of cores. It provides high performance for fast design space exploration and software development.

Graphite: High Level Architecture

Several techniques are used to achieve this including: direct execution, seamless multicore and multi-machine distribution, and lax synchronization. Graphite is capable of accelerating simulations by distributing them across multiple commodity Linux machines. When using multiple machines, it provides the illusion of a single process with a single, shared address space, allowing it to run off-the-shelf pthread applications with no source code modification.

Information for New Graphite Users


  • Graphite: A Distributed Parallel Simulator for Multicores
    by Jason E. Miller, Harshad Kasture, George Kurian, Charles Gruenwald III, Nathan Beckmann, Christopher Celio, Jonathan Eastep and Anant Agarwal
    The 16th IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA), Jan 2010. (pdf)

Current Team Members:

  • George Kurian
  • Sabrina Neuman
  • George Bezerra
  • Anthony J Giovinazzo
  • Jason Miller

Former Team Members:

  • Eric Lau
  • Harshad Kasture
  • Charles Gruenwald III
  • Nathan Beckmann
  • Jonathan Eastep
  • Anant Agarwal