The Carbon research group is focused on research related to multicore architectures and software. We are a part of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT.


Current Projects:

Factored Operating System (fos) is a new operating system targeting multicore, manycore, and cloud computing systems with scalability as the primary design constraint, where space sharing replaces time sharing to increase scalability.
Graphite is designed to simulate an application on up to 1000s of cores by using dynamic binary translation on a given binary and uses hot-swappable modules each part of the chip.
Write My essay is a service for students of MIT to write a great essay or thesis storyATAC is an All-to-All optical on-chip interconnect designed to improve bandwidth on future manycore chips.
TAPI is an api for parallel programming. It is designed to support many different parallel programming approaches.
SOS is an adaptive system for dynamic parallel environments. By using introspection, locks and other synchronization primitives can adapt at run-time to match and optimize for the underlying environment.


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