Instructions to the presenter

Session Presenters:.

General instructions

Presenters are asked to submit the final version of the paper to the WARFP workshop organizing committee at in PDF format by Feb 10, 2006. Paper should follow the standard IEEE conference paper format described on the IEEE website. Submitted paper will be included in the online version of the proceedings for the workshop.

Presenters are also asked to create and submit their presentation slides by Feb 11, 2006. All presentations will be pre-loaded onto a single laptop (Windows XP, PowerPoint/Office-2003 or PDF) to avoid laptop switching time and problems. Avoid strange fonts, movies, and animations. You can transfer presentations using a USB flash stick before the workshop. Please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive or make sure your laptop has a USB port and drivers for a flash stick.

Your presentation including Q&A should be less than 15 minutes. Time will be kept strictly. Please adjust the presentation accordingly to the allotted time. The last hour of the workshop is reserved for an open-ended discussion of various approaches, so we will restrict the audience to ask only clarifying questions during presentations.

Given the nature of the audience and the short time slot, please reduce the amount of introductory material (e.g., we all agree that using FPGAs to model architectures is a good idea!). Focus on the particulars of your own work. Please remember the emphasis is on the FPGA-based modelling techniques you are using, not the architectural ideas you are evaluating. It would be useful if every presenter had one slide in the presentation listing the design flow and platforms they are using (but don't spend too much time on this in the talk as we expect there to be a lot of commonality). This will provide input for the later discussion on infrastructure sharing.

Poster Presenters:

General instructions

Poster session provides a forum for one-to-one, in-depth discussions of the work. Each poster is given 5 minutes during the main session for a summary of the work and to advertise. Please submit your final posters to workshop organizer before Feb 10, 2006 in PDF format. We will include them in our online proceedings.One of the authors must be present at the specified time to discuss the display with interested participants. Each poster is allocated with one standard-sized easel. Posters should be set up prior to the start of the poster session. Please follow these instructions:

       Early set up will be available at 5PM on Saturday Feb. 11th, 2006.

       Setup must take place by no later than 1:30PM on Sunday.

       Take down your poster before 6PM on Sunday.

Posters not taken down by their final take-down time will be collected by the workshop organizers and discarded later if not claimed.


If you have access to a large drafting printer, we recommend using PowerPoint to create your poster. A heading for the top of the poster should be prepared indicating: 1. Title, the same as that of the abstract submitted, 2. Author(s), and 3. Institutional affiliation of the author(s).  The main heading font should be at least 25cm.


The poster should be legible from a 1-meter distance away from the poster. To ensure this, all texts for content and figures should be no less than 2.5 cm high. Subheadings should be 1 cm high.  All figures should be clear and well annotated. Figure headings should also be legible from a 1-meter distance away from the poster.