Instructions for Presenters at WARFP 2005

Advance Program


Due to the tight time restrictions, each presentation is limited to 10 minutes total including any questions. Please carefully budget your time (and practice) as the session chairs will be very strict. The last hour of the workshop is reserved for an open-ended discussion of various approaches, so we will restrict the audience to ask only clarifying questions during presentations.

Given the nature of the audience and the short time slot, please reduce the amount of introductory material (e.g., we all agree that using FPGAs to model architectures is a good idea!). Focus on the particulars of your own work. Please remember the emphasis is on the FPGA-based modelling techniques you are using, not the architectural ideas you are evaluating. It would be useful if every presenter had one slide in the presentation listing the design flow and platforms they are using (but don't spend too much time on this in the talk as we expect there to be a lot of commonality). This will provide input for the later discussion on infrastructure sharing.

We require that all presentations be pre-loaded onto a single laptop (Windows XP, PowerPoint/Office-2003 or PDF) to avoid laptop switching time and problems. Avoid strange fonts, movies, and animations. You can transfer presentations using a USB flash stick from noon until 1pm before the workshop (please make sure your laptop has a USB port and drivers for a flash stick).


We have allocated one standard-sized easel per poster. They can support 20"x30" and 24"x36" foam boards very easily and perhaps up to 30"x40". Please orient the longer dimension vertically, to reduce the floor space your poster will require. We will not supply boards for the posters. These can be obtained from a local copy shop (e.g., Kinko's), which can also usually print and laminate a PowerPoint poster if desired.

Setup will be before the workshop starts, from noon until 1:00PM.