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The StreamIt makefile infrastructure uses the GNU tools. In particular, GNU Make is required to build; this is the default make on Linux machines, and may be available as gmake on other Unix-like machines. The source release depends on Sun's Java compiler (javac), available as part of Sun's JDK 5.0. Both the source and binary releases require a Java virtual machine for Java version 1.5 or later.

The front end depends on the ANTLR LL(k) parser generator. If you are using the source release, the ANTLR classes must be in your Java CLASSPATH when compiling and running the StreamIt compiler. If you are using the binary release, the required ANTLR classes are already included in the StreamIt jar file. You do not need to install ANTLR to use the StreamIt source release, just get antlr.jar from the ANTLR distribution's .tar.gz file and save the antlr.jar file in a directory that is accessible to users of StreamIt.

The linear optimizations (not turned on by default) depend on the FFTW library. The StreamIt runtime system currently only supports fftw-2.1.x, not the newer fftw-3.0 branch. FFTW should be installed somewhere in your default compiler search path. You need to build single-precision versions of the library, such that you have include files sfftw.h, srfftw.h and library files libsfftw.a and libsrfftw.a. The linear optimizations are turned on only if configure can find all four files. If you are building FFTW from source, pass the following options to configure: --enable-shared --enable-type-prefix --enable-threads --enable-float.

While this is not a a dependency, the graphviz package from contains a viewer, dotty, that will display the dot files created by the StreamIt compiler.