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  • This course will serve as a serious introduction to multicore programming in a fun and exciting context. Students will learn how to program next generation processors with hands on exercises on the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3) gaming console. Students will participate in a course long project that can impact one of several domains that include gaming engines, media applications, algorithms for molecular dynamics, and protein folding challenge problems.

    Students are expected to participate in small project teams. Course projects will be evaluated based on performance scalability, project scope, project completeness, and a project demonstration. Students will compete for exciting prizes to be awarded to the best project as selected by a panel of judges.

    We have several projects that we can suggest and discuss with you, or we can discuss some of your own project ideas. We strongly encourage small teams of students per project. Teams of 4-5 students are likely to work best, but smaller teams are also plausible. We can help you assemble a team as necessary, although it is best if you know someone that will want to work on the same project with you. Each team will have dedicated access to a PS3 console, along with programming and debugging tools, tutorials, and hands on help.

  • Please contact 6.189-chair@mit.edu to discuss project ideas before enlisting in the course.

  • If you are interested in the course but don't have your own project idea, you can browse the Projects Wiki for ideas, some of which are suggested by students who want to take the course. This is also a great way to find team members for the competition.

  • Project suggestions and information from course orientation (PDF).

  • MIT
    Comments and questions to 6.189-chair@mit.edu