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  • Cell Backgammon is a project geared towards developing a strong backgammon player on the Playstation 3 hardware. Features of the current release include:

    • Fully functional Backgammon game with all rules implemented
    • Both a X window board display and a text based board display (screenshots below)
    • Play against another human (using the same computer), a computer player,
      or have two computers play each other
    • Board evaluation using the publicly available pubeval function
    • Lists possible moves for each turn as well as the best move sequence (no look ahead yet)
    Screenshots of the Cell Backgammon project running on a PS3.


    The source code is available for download under the terms of the MIT Open Source License. The tar ball includes a README file with an overview of the code organization, a Makefile to build the code on a PS3 with the latest Cell SDK available from developerWorks. The code was developed on a PS3 running Yellow Dog Linux.

    Cell Backgammon Team

  • Mike Fitzgerald
  • Eddie Scholtz

  • MIT
    Comments and questions to 6.189-chair@mit.edu