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The Programming Systems Graduate Zeminar is a weekly seminar series at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, bringing together several groups who are interested in software engineering, software design, program analysis, compilers, and computer architecture.

Our meetings include food and a student research presentation, and are open to the entire community. Please come and join us!

Upcoming meetings

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Previous meetings

Topic Date
Static Analysis of Relations between Objects
Viktor Kuncak, Program Analysis and Compilation Group
Parsing Expression Grammars: A Recognition-Based Syntactic Foundation
Bryan Ford, Parallel & Distributed Operating Systems Group
Simple Subtypes for Specification
Jonathan Edwards, Software Design Group
Predicting Problems Caused by Component Upgrades
Stephen McCamant, Program Analysis Group
Automatic Detection and Repair of Errors in Data Structures
Brian Demsky, Program Analysis and Compilation Group.
Finding Latent Code Errors Via Machine Learning Over Program Executions
Yuriy Brun, Program Analysis Group.
A Type System and Analysis for the Automatic Extraction and Enforcement of Design Information
Patrick Lam, Program Analysis and Compilation Group.
Domain-Specific Optimizations in StreamIt
Bill Thies, Commit Group
Using Core Extraction to Identify Overconstraint in Declarative Model Checking
Robert Seater, Software Design Group.
Test Factoring: What Can We Test in a Very Short Time?
David Saff, Program Analysis Group.
Numeric Types in Bluespec
Jacob Schwartz, Computation Structures Group.
Synthesis of Synchronous Pipelined Circuits from High-Level Modular Specifications
Maria-Cristina Marinescu, Program Analysis and Compilation Group.
An Infrastructure for Adaptive Dynamic Optimization
Derek Bruening, Commit Group.

Mailing list

Our mailing list is a low-traffic list for sending meeting announcements and occaisional discussion items. If you have an Athena account at MIT, you can add yourself to the ps.gz list via this webpage or by typing this exact command from the Athena prompt:

blanche ps.gz -add $USER

If you come from outside of MIT (or you're having problems with Athena!) please send e-mail to ps.gz-request@mit.edu and we will add you to the list.


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