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This page provides experimental data recorded from the 1020-node microphone array at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).

Please note: these recordings are from a preliminary set of calibration experiments with the LOUD array. A much more complete data set will be available in the near future.

For this experiment, a 1"-diameter loudspeaker (the source) is producing a "click" (unit impulse approximation) followed by a series of frequency-sweep "chirp" sounds. You may download the sound here (thanks to Kevin Wilson; view the spectrogram). A microphone at the source position (attached to the loudspeaker) is recording the audio, as are all 1020 microphones in the array.

Microphone positions are available here.

Data Files

The files are formatted in Matlab-readable format, with lines of 1024 columns, where the columns are separated by spaces. There are 1020 microphones in the array. The other four microphones present in the files are the reference microphone at the source position; an unconnected microphone; and two counters given as a sanity check (see the top of the positions file for more details). Some of the recordings contain three seconds of audio, some only have two seconds. The chirp only turns on part-way through the recording, so that the initial click is always present. The last recording contains a recording of 10 seconds of speech.

The (0,0,0) position is at the bottom row of the array, in the middle of the row. Please note that the source positions relative to the array are given in inches, while the microphone positions are in meters.

File (Uncompressed)SizeFile (TAR,Gzip'd)SizeDurationApproximate Source Position (in inches)
R1-chirp-1024.txt453MBR1-chirp-1024.tar.gz144MB2 sec(27.75,0,0)
R7-chirp-1024.txt680MBR7-chirp-1024.tar.gz218MB3 sec(56.5,-18,-12)
R12-chirp-1024.txt453MBR12-chirp-1024.tar.gz145MB2 sec(54,-35,10)
R13-chirp-1024.txt680MBR13-chirp-1024.tar.gz218MB3 sec(46.5,16.5,6.5)
R14-chirp-1024.txt680MBR14-chirp-1024.tar.gz218MB3 sec(45.75,38.5,3)
R15-chirp-1024.txt680MBR15-chirp-1024.tar.gz218MB3 sec(63,16.75,3)
R12-speech-10sec.tar.gz634MB10 sec

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