Please note: This web site presents the results of the Curl research project at MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science, under the direction of Professor Steve Ward. A Cambridge-based company, Curl Corporation, is developing a suite of commercial products which are based on the results of this research.

Welcome to the web site for the Curl Project here at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. Our entire web site can be accessed through the navigation bar at the left; just click on the boxes on the left-hand side to expand or collapse a section of the table of contents. (If the navigation bar isn't working, try the old-fashioned index instead.)

Curl is a new language for creating web documents with almost any sort of content, from simple formatted text to complex interactive applets.

Curl is intended to be a gentle slope system, accessible to content creators at all skill levels ranging from authors new to the web to experienced programmers. By using a simple, uniform language syntax and semantics, Curl avoids the discontinuities experienced by current web users who have to juggle HTML, JavaScript, Java, Perl, etc. to create today's exciting sites. Our hope is that the single environment provided by Curl will be an attractive alternative for web developers; we've certainly enjoyed using Curl to create this web site and others. A brief overview of Curl and its underlying philosophy can be found in an accompanying white paper.