Download Curl

Version 0.8 of Curl is now available for testing as of 1/30/98. This is a preliminary (Alpha) release, so you may expect a few bugs and some gaps in the documentation. Binaries are available for the following platforms:

Curl executable for Sparc-based SunOS platforms (but should also work under Solaris). You will need to "chmod a+x curl" before running it.
Self-extracting Curl installation for x86-based Windows 95 and NT 4.0 platforms. (If you already have the required DLL's, you may find it easier just to download the executable.)
Curl executable for x86-based Linux platforms. You will need to "chmod a+x curl" before running it.

Running Curl

When these executables are run with no arguments, they will display the Curl welcome page from our server if you are connected to the net. This page has links to documentation and some examples. If you run the Curl executable with a file (normally a .curl file) as an argument, that file will be displayed.

BUG: If you are not connected to the net and run Curl with no argument, it will hang until it times out.

If you are not connected to the net or wish to access the welcome page and documentation locally you can do the following. When Curl starts up, it loads the file startup.curl from either $HOME or $CURL, if it exists. Download either curl.tar.gz or and extract it into a directory called curl. Put something like:


{set-logical-name 'curl "/local//u/me/curl"}
{set-logical-name 'curl "/local/c:/me/curl"}
in a startup.curl file you create in $HOME or $CURL. These names use slashes, not backslashes, even under Windows. Then Curl will start up pointing to the curl welcome page there.

BUGS: In the Documentation menu "All Doc Text" and "Doc Names" will still go to our server. "All Names" and "Find Name" will work locally.

A copy of the source tree is also available for your perusal, both directly and as a gzipped tarball or zip file. Since most of the system is itself written in Curl, the source tree provides plentiful, though somewhat complex, coding examples.

Emacs users may be interested in our Curl mode (for editing Curl programs) and curl-tag shell script (which produces a TAGS file for Curl sources). You can shift-click to download these.

Although this is only a preliminary release, we welcome all feedback. Enjoy!