Project Bayanihan


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Table of Contents

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Project Bayanihan

Volunteer Computing

Potentials and Problems

Project Bayanihan

A Bayanihan System

Extensible Framework Design

Example: Base Classes

Generic Classes: Master-Worker Model

App-Specific Classes: Mandelbrot

Generic Classes: Transparent Changes

Generic Classes: Adding Functionality

Implementing Other Models

Example: Linda*

Current Results

Adaptive Parallelism

Fault and Sabotage Tolerance

Some Experimental Results


Scalability: Volunteer Servers

Scalability: Volunteer Servers

Ongoing and Future Work

Related Work

Project Bayanihan People

For More Information

Author: Luis Sarmenta


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These slides were presented at the EuroTools Workshop on Metacomputing at EuroPar'98 in Southampton, UK on Sept. 3, 1998.