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How to get to David's office in the Stata Center


Step 1:

Go to the CSAIL web site for information on how to find the Stata Center.

Step 2:

When you come in to the Stata Center (see above) you will be on the first floor (the so-called Student Street). Find the end of the builidng near the entrance closest to the intersection of Main Street and Vassar Street. It is near the food court.

Find the bank of elevators that go into the Gates Tower. Take those elevators to the 8th floor.

When you exit the elevators, walk forward and then turn right, as will be obvious. Then walk (making a slight turn to the left) until you walk into a wall. My office will then be one door to the left, and my assistant will be to your right.

My office number is 32-G816. For those of you who like to decode things:

  • Building 32 is the Stata Center.
  • G is for Gates
  • 8 is for the 8th floor.
  • 16 is the room number on the floor.

The CSAIL web site has maps of the floors. But these instructions will lead you to my office with little pain.