Dr. O'Reilly and Dr. Erik Hemberg taught a week long course on Evolutionary Processes and Systems at Shantou University, China in Summer 2013. Some photos from 2013 are here. The 2013 course was then extended for 2014. It became a "sandwich" course which piloted blended learning: combining classroom and online teaching via the OpenEdX platform and an STU Moodle. For more details see this item on our MOOC Education page.

Dr. O'Reilly also teaches via thesis advising. Her one-on-one relationships and group meetings reach out to undergraduates (called "UROPs" at MIT), graduate students (SM, MEng, PhD) and post-doctoral fellows.

Upon request Dr. O'Reilly lectures on introductory or specialized aspects of evolutionary design and optimization. Locally this has occurred at Harvard University and MIT (Dept of Architecture and Dept of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).
She regularly teaches the Genetic Programming tutorial at GECCO (2010-2014).
She gave the Genetic Programming tutorial at the 2009 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Summit, Shanghai, China.
She teamed to develop the content of MIT course "Robotics: Systems and Science" (6.141) and most recently was a co-lecturer in Spring 2010.
If you are interested in an introductory short course on evolutionary algorithms, please contact Dr. O'Reilly.
If you are at MIT and would like such a course during IAP, please let us know too.

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